Just ticked off my reading list: Red Queen

redqueenWhen I picked up the new book Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, the cover had me thinking I was going to be transported to a Tudors-esque time, something like CW’s Reign (which I am addicted to, by the way. The clothes! I love the clothes!) – but I was totally surprised to find instead a whole different world, filled with the contrast of modern technological touches and primitive, savage practices.

I wasn’t surprised to find that the author of Red Queen has a background in screenwriting – this is an action-packed story from start to finish! The world of the silvers and the reds had me captivated, and Victoria’s writing is colorful and sharp, just like the world she’s created.

I would have loved to see the main character, Mare, in a few more low-key scenarios, where we’d get to see who she really is when she’s not fighting for her life, because she’s in survival mode pretty much throughout. I also love a tinge more romance, but Victoria left the door open for those possibilities in what I’m assuming will be book #2!

The plot kept me guessing the entire time, I was unsure until the very end about some of her main characters true motivations and it was a really fun, exciting read. Well done, Victoria! (Red Queen is #1 on the NYT Best-seller, living the dream!)

Hooray for more YA fiction hitting the shelves that keeps us thirsting for adventure and features strong female characters who are smart and brave.