The Lost Character

CaptureThe book I’m working on right now, while my other books are being queried or languishing in peaceful naps on my laptop, is a retelling of the sleeping beauty story. I know, I know, you might think that story has been done to death.

Well, guess what: I don’t!

Because I had an idea to retell the story from the perspective of an unknown/lost character. Let me tell you: It. Is. So. Much. Fun. To. Write.

I am geeking myself out every time I sit down to work on it. And since this is the fourth book I’ve written now, I actually feel like I’m in a really good groove and can approach the whole project with a sense of knowing where I am in the story and where I’m going with it.

The fairy tale itself gives me an overarching plot, but I get the fun of weaving in and out between it’s pieces, making up reasons for why things are the way they are and coming up with new back story for a lot of elements. I love discovering the ‘lost’ character – a character you didn’t realize was in the background of a familiar story the entire time, and getting to see things from their point of view, how they make the original story more full, more rich.

My only struggle so far with this book is that I’m having a hard time finding the right music to listen to while I write it. My other books each had their own perfect Pandora station, and this one hasn’t found it’s home yet. Any suggestions?