Personal Musings

See little insights into the mind of Lisa with these personal musings and quips.

Fun Fact: What I Collect

Fun fact time: I don’t know if other writers do this, but I collect fun, inexpensive little pieces of jewelry to commemorate each book I’ve written. And, I have a few fun pieces I’ve been gifted from family and friends. The first books I wrote were 2 of what I planned on making a trilogy

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Writer’s Fuel

When a sweet friend has treats delivered to make my current book editing sessions that much better! This is so thoughtful and she knows me so well! (The chocolate will not last the week, ha!) Grateful for all the friends and family cheering me on as I write! I’m currently working on editing my WIP,

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Feeling the funk…

So things are going well all around, dear blog, though it’s been far too long since I’ve updated you. There are things to rejoice about (I just finished the first draft of my 6th book about a month ago, hooray!) and life outside of writing is great, the family is healthy, I’m good, my 5th

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Humming along…

How I do wish I could be like Minifred and put my toes up by the fire, but January has been filled with lots of exciting work and busy-ness! I’ve been working with my agent on final edits to my manuscript before submitting to editors. I’m loving the process and mostly am still pinching myself

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Lantern of the Soul

I am convinced that more than ever we need beautiful art, movies, books and TV that lifts us and provides escape and hope – and the inspiration to make the world we live in better for us all. It’s just so overwhelming some days. Author Elizabeth Berg posted these words below from another author on

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So when I’m not writing…

I’ve been busy doing fun summery things like eating corn dogs, taking my girls to garage sales and downing freeze pops. I’ve also been working on a few little gifties for my nephews and future niece! Check out these cute little babies. Tomorrow, I have a child-free day, and am planning to spend a big chunk

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All Things New

It’s the first day of a New Year. I love new things. Fresh sheets of paper. New packs of crayons. New jeans. “New car” smell. The sidewalk being washed clean after the rain. However, I don’t really have any new resolutions to add to the mix today, sorry 2016! I am not in the mood

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