Queries: An Update

queryonbJust a quick update, for those of you who might be waiting on pins and needles, wondering what’s become of all the queries I sent for my middle grade novel, The Black Widow Project. I’ve had a few requests for more chapters and I’ve also had two requests for the full, which is exciting! So I’m playing the waiting game that is part of queryland, and hoping that one of these days I’ll get an email that says an agent wants to represent me!

But seriously, as much as I hope for that to happen, like today, I know that it takes a lot of great writers several years and several books worth of trying to land an agent, so I’m trying to be realistic. It’s about finding the right agent at the right time with the right book; the right person who gets you and your work and knows exactly what home it needs in the publishing world.

And so, in the meantime, I’m ten chapters into writing my next novel (I’m up to my eyeballs in fairy-tale world building!), and reading a ton. I’m halfway through reading The Water and The Wild (a middle grade novel) and really enjoying it! I love the cover and the writing has exactly the sort of quirky, smart, bookish-style that I like.