An Open Letter to my Future Literary Agent


Dear Agent,

First of all, if you’ve stumbled upon this post, thank you again for finding me! I already know how awesome you are at your job – taking risks every day on projects that you believe in, on stories you feel a burning to tell. You have a huge pile of reading that never ends, endless emails and phone calls to keep up with, meetings, contracts – the whole nine yards. And somewhere in there, your own life. You’re BUSY.

I’m so grateful you’ve added me to your list. Here are a few things you should know about me:

  1. I stumbled into this book writing thing, but when I’m writing, I love it. I’m having so much fun. I’ve also helped edit countless print projects, and done the interior book design for two book projects for previous bosses (Less Clutter. Less Noise. & Pop Goes the Church), so I feel like I have a decent perspective on what it takes to edit and produce a book. (Sloooow and at times tedious, but oh so worth it!)
  2. As soon as I’m done writing a book (and I just finished my third) I experience a bit of a letdown. It’s like a physical pang in my chest, and I’m sad that the fun of writing is done, as much as I’m thrilled and relieved that the story feels complete. So, while I’m taking a break from a draft or am waiting for edits from my circle of friends/readers, to get that thrill of writing back, I usually will have started on next book or am at least outlining ideas. Right now, I’ve got a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story brewing and I’m itching to start on it, while I let the middle grade novel I just finished rest a bit.
  3. I strive to write the kind of books I like to read. I love adventures, new twists on well-known fairy tales, girl characters that are feminine, strong and capable, who always discover something in themselves they didn’t know they possessed. I love the possibility of magic, new worlds and threads of romance. I love subtle villains. I love quirky, wise secondary characters. I love to be drawn in. Reading and writing are an escape for me—and I have a great life, so it’s not that I’m trying to escape it, per se—it’s more of an escape from my own boundaries and limitations as an earth-bound 30-something with responsibilities and chores and challenges.

I work hard, always meet deadlines and in general, am super fun, if I do say so myself. I may even be persuaded to get paid only in dark chocolate. A lifetime supply. Sigh. No, on second thought, it’s probably smarter to be paid in something that doesn’t disappear quite as quickly.