Illustration work I love…


My dear BFF introduced me to her work years ago, and I’ve since followed along with her blog, but if you aren’t familiar with the beautiful illustrations of Emily Winfield Martin over at The Black Apple, then you should be! I am so in love with her style, the muted tones contrasting with rich, saturated colors, the whimsical characters. Said BFF also bought me one of her books of paper dolls as a gift, which I love to just page through.

Emily Winfield Martin has two children’s books published, besides prints of her work – and these look amazing, I have them on a wish list for gifts for my girls.

Go browse her Etsy store and prepare to be delighted. She creates the sort of artwork and characters that I’d love to write stories about. To me, that’s what makes her art so compelling – you can instantly see a story in her images.