A breath of fresh air from down the rabbit hole…

alice02aI’ve been quiet on the blog lately, but things are happening!

I got back two recent rejections (huzzah! rejections!) from agents who were reading full manuscripts of mine. I’m taking that in stride, and while I would love for one of them (because they are both amazing and work at incredible agencies!) to say, “I want your book, Lisa!” instead of, “I’m going to pass…” I feel really good that both of them let me know that while the book wasn’t where it needed to be for them to take it on, they loved my writing, my voice and enjoyed reading my work. That’s huge to me! They don’t have to say that, and they aren’t getting paid to do anything for me right now, so that it is all from the goodness of their own book-loving, hearts. That encourages me that I’m on the right track and I will keep at it.

I will get to revisions on those manuscripts sometime in the next year and possibly re-query. For the present, I’m about 40,000 words into my sleeping beauty retelling and having so much fun with it. Thank you Grimm brothers for your delightful story framework, I am having a blast taking it apart and figuring out how to put it all back together again, my way.