Since I am artsy by nature – I enjoy sharing my doodles that I’ve drawn or sketched up recently. It’s part of who I am as a writer to think in pictures.

Daily Doodle

These are some doodles that have been languishing in my sketchbook. Time to liberate! I try to draw whatever comes into my head when I sit down to doodle, and not hold myself to any standards. It’s fun to see what comes out. Sometimes, one has donuts on the brain. And carbs, delicious carbs.

Spindle Google Doodle

Since I’m loving all things Sleeping Beauty right now, couldn’t help but be delighted by the Google doodle’s created to honor Charles Perrault’s birthday!

Daily Doodle

Worked on my own sort of adult coloring book page for today’s doodle. Verdict: FUN!

Nursery Rhyme Reboot: 3

I know this is true, because I’ve done a whole 30. I was a grouch. Also, don’t you wonder if Jack Sprat’s wife’s name was Jill? It all makes sense now, Mother Goose.

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