Here an edit, there an edit…

Still working away on edits to my middle grade novel. Having a hard time finding good chunks of time this week (I work best with a 3-4 hour solid block) to just crank on it, but I was able to get a few decent editing sessions in last Saturday and Sunday. As I’m going back through the story and trying to beef up a few characters and draw a few new threads of the story together, it never ceases to amaze me how solutions and ideas to fix problems just appear.

I’m super eager to start querying for this book, and my goal is to have the next fully edited and ready to send out version done by the end of February, which gives me roughly 2 more weeks to meet that goal. Eeep! My query letter and synopsis for the book are still in first draft form and being edited by trusted editors. I have my spreadsheet of agents ready to go, ready to query. I can’t wait!

But then, after that, comes a whole lot of waiting. So I guess you could say, I can’t wait to wait some more!

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