Bring on the muse…

music_museOne tool that helps me get in the mood to write? Music.

I am a huge fan of Pandora. I like the radio aspect – I never know exactly what’s going to play next, and the unexpected is fun. Plus – there are so many great stations out there to set the tone for whatever you’re writing.

I wrote my first book entirely to The Piano Guys Pandora station. With all instrumental versions of modern songs, as well as some classics – it is the perfect score to the adventurous fairy tale story I was working on. Even after I took a break from that and began writing book 2 in that series a few months later, all I had to do was turn on that station, plug my headphones in, and wha la! I was transported right back to the story and it really helped me focus and maintain continuity.

For my middle grade novel, which is whimsical, and has some European culture/French influence in it, I wrote most of that to the tune of the Pandora station called French Cafe. If I can’t actually be writing at a little cafe table from the streets of Paris, this is the next best thing.

How about you? Are you creating your own soundtrack while you write? Bring on the music…and the muse!

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