All Things New

allthingsnewIt’s the first day of a New Year.

I love new things. Fresh sheets of paper. New packs of crayons. New jeans. “New car” smell. The sidewalk being washed clean after the rain.

However, I don’t really have any new resolutions to add to the mix today, sorry 2016!

I am not in the mood to pile anything else on myself, other than those important purposes I carry already, which are: Be the best mom I can be to two incredible little girls. Be the best wife I can. Make healthy choices for myself in terms of eating and exercise. Be there for my team at work. Love my family. Try new things that challenge me creatively. Keep writing.

How lucky are we that each day is a fresh chance to do those things we feel called to do? Sure, the lofty goals get all jumbled in with the maintenance of life – laundry, errands, grocery shopping, Facebook checking, waiting in line – but each day, we are allowed new mercies. A fresh start.

I’ll take it.

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